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Citizenship and Residency Services

Citizenship by investment

CBI provides an opportunity to travel the world without a visa, or with a visa on arrival. Second citizenship opens new business horizons and entitles you to the same benefits regular citizens enjoy including beneficial tax regimes, world-class healthcare and education systems, and many more.

Residency by Investment

RBI programs offer you the flexibility of emigrating to the country should you ever need to, but you are not bound to relocate to obtain it. The programs often come with accompanying freedom of travel across the EU and Schengen zone. Eventually, if you and your family undertake permanent residency, you may be eligible to apply for citizenship.

Immigration by Investment

Immigration by investment offers a pool of opportunities for business owners and investors alike. If you have a thriving business but find that geographical boundaries restrict its potential, then an Immigration by Investment program may be perfect for you. By choosing Immigration by investment you choose a secure path for obtaining a residency and citizenship for you and your family, for life.


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Our Procedures


Citivest takes the complexity out of citizenship applications. Our multilingual staff identify and solve problems in advance, taking care of all your documentation, maintaining confidentiality at all times. We hold your hand.


Speed is secondary only to results. Years of experience are the foundations of a smooth, swift application process. The lifeline of our business depends on our ability to expedite your file towards a successful conclusion. We give you peace of mind.


We guarantee the provision of your new citizenship or a 100% refund of your Government investment. We also ensure any real estate reservation deposits subject to approval are contractually refundable or held in escrow for your protection.