Citizen by Investment


The Portuguese CBI Visa has investment option which start at €250,000. Holders of a CBI Visa can apply for permanent residence and citizenship after as little as five years.



To be eligible for the Portuguese CBI Visa, you must make one of the following investments:

  • Purchase real estate amounting to at least €500,000
  • Purchase real estate in an urban regeneration area at least 30 years old amounting to €350,000
  • Make a capital transfer atleast €1million
  • Create at least 10 job positions
  • Invest at least €350,000 in scientific research
  • Invest at least €250,000 in arts, culture and heritage
  • Invest at least €500,000  in a small/medium business


  • The investment options can start at €250.000
  • You only need to spend two weeks per year in Portugal to renew the visa.
  • You can apply for citizenship after five years, without needing to live in Portugal.
  • You and your family members will enjoy the freedom of movement through the Schengen Zone.

For Family , Country and Humanity