Citizen by Investment


Anguilla launched its residency by investment program in June 2019. The program is attractive for investors seeking a tax efficient residence unlike other Caribbean program such as St. Kitts and Antigua the Anguilla program is not a citizenship by investment or second passport program: Applicants can qualify by making an investment either into the Capital Development Fund or direct into Real Estate


The Capital Development Fund is set up as a special fund by the government of Anguilla. Its purpose is to grow and diversify the economy through investing in meaningful public sector projects on the island. The minimum investment is $150,000 for a single applicant plus $50,000 for each spouse or dependent. Additional application, processing and due diligence fees apply.


Applicants can qualify for residency in Anguilla under the real estate investment option. This requires a minimum investment of $750.000 which will qualify up to four family members for residency. For each additional family member a further $100,000 investment is required. Additional application, processing and due diligence fees apply.

The property needs to be retained for a minimum of 5 years. Eligible properties can be homes, villas, condominiums, hotel units or other forms of properties. Investors can submit for conditional approval of the application prior to committing to the investment.

Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory and therefore falls under UK sovereignty although it is not formally part of the UK. The program is not a citizenship by investment program as with other Caribbean program currently on the market. However after five years of residency it is possible to apply to become a British Overseas Territories Citizen and eventually a British Citizen.

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