Citizen by Investment


Donation or investment

Citizenship by investment in Dominica is available through two options. The first is by making an economic contribution (donation) to the country under the government’s investor visa program

The second option available since January 2015 is through real estate investment.

Dominica has become one of the most affordable and flexible second passport program available. Until 1993 it was not possible to gain Dominican citizenship without residing in the country.

The Dominican government changed that with the Economic Dominica Citizenship program whereby the need for residency to gain citizenship was waived. Applicants making such a contribution are granted full citizenship for themselves and their family allowing visa free travel to over 137 countries including the UK and the EU Schengen zone.

Real Estate, $200,000+ investment or From $100,000 Donation.


The most affordable way to Citizenship in Dominica is through the contribution option. This starts at just $100.000 for a single applicant plus fees, or $200,000 for a family of four. Children included up to age 30 and dependent parents over 55 can be included. Citizenship is granted for life and there is no requirement to reside in Dominica. Processing time is around 60-90 days. Government, Professional and Due Diligence fees apply.

For Family , Country and Humanity