Cayman Island

Citizen by Investment

Cayman Island

$2.4 million, at least

The Cayman Islands offer a permanent residency program which also offers a path to eventual naturalization and citizenship. The program is attractive for investors seeking a tax efficient residence as the Cayman Islands have no corporation, income, capital gains inheritance or sales taxes. Applicants can qualify by making a minimum investment of $2.4 million into qualifying real estate


Applicants can qualify for residency in the Cayman Islands under the real estate investment option. This requires a minimum investment of $2.4 million and just one day’s residency required each year.

The Cayman Islands is also a British Overseas Territory and therefore falls under UK sovereignty although it is not formally part of the UK. The program is not a citizenship by investment program as with other Caribbeanprogram currently on the market.


The Cayman Islands residency program is suitable for highly successful investors and entrepreneurs who live very international lives. In addition to Permanent Residency the Cayman Islands offers a Residency Certificate requiring  just $1.2 million investment in real estate. A minimum 30 days residency is required.

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