Citizen by Investment


Minimum investment of C512,000

The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program offers straightforward routes to acquiring European Citizenship for the entire family with freedoms to live work and study in any of the 28 EU member states.

With the Standard Track you can obtain a second passport in 6 years in exchange for a minimum investment €512,000. The uniqueness of the program is a fast-track procedure allowing you to receive an EU passport on an expedited basis in just 2 years. You can do this by increasing the investment amount to a total of €1,024,000 at any point after holding a valid residence permit for at least one year. Either option you choose, standard or fast-track, an instant residence permit is obtained in just 4-6 months after completing the investments. Expand your mobility by obtaining the freedom to reside anywhere in Europe along with visa-free access to over 169 countries worldwide.

  • Spouses, children of any age.
  • Attractive tax regime. One of the lowest tax rates in theEU.
  • Bulgaria allows for dual citizenship.
  • Provide your children with access to top-rated universities with lower EU tuition fees
  • Obtain right to buy and invest in property throughout the EU countries
  • No physical residency is required, although a residential address must be maintained

For Family , Country and Humanity